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We are going to get you to stand up and we are going to take you for a little walk, alright? So what I would like you to do, Keith is shuffling forward. That is lovely. Make sure that you have got one leg forward, and we are going to go ready, steady, and then stand, okay? Ready, steady, stand. So when you are steady and you have got your balance, I am going to get hold of your hand and we are going to use what we call the palmer hold. And we want Keith's arm just to relax, so it is at like walking stick level to help him walk. Now, we do palmer hold and we never ever give thumbs. And the reason why we do not give thumbs... I want to demonstrate something here. So, Keith, I would like you to, as tight as you can, I can not escape from Keith, and he could be hitting me with his walking stick, let us just say, okay? But if I said to him, "Let us just do palmer hold... " Okay, again, as tight as you can, Keith. You can just flick out really easy. And then you can be in control. So if Keith was falling, he hurt my thumb, yes, but I am not going to be able to help him very much. But if he was falling, I would be able to assist, yes?

So we got hold of... Doing the palmer hold. Just relax your arm down. And when we are walking with somebody, we come a little bit behind them because the function of walking is, we do slightly move our hips from side to side. So if I am right up against Keith, he is not going to be able to do a natural movement. So I am just a little bit behind him. Just relax that arm down. When you are ready, Keith, I am going to see what leg you use first, okay? And then I will use the opposite, alright? So if we just take your range, we take you back to the chair, very short walk. Yes? Okay? Okay, notice that we are coming to the chair. And what I would like you to do, Keith, I want you to feel the back of the chair behind you. I am going to leave go of your hand, and then I would like you to bend in the middle and reach for the arms of the chair and down you go. Beautiful.