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Sometimes it is quite nice. We have already inserted the slide sheet without having to roll the person, and it is nice not to have to roll them again to put their sling on, the hoist sling. So this is just a basic sling that we are going to use. If you have got a sling with metal clips then you would fold the metal clips that way, or plastic clips that way. If the sling has got bones then you may have to remove them, like hard bits in the sling because you do not want to cause injury. But this has not got any. So what we are going to do, Keith, I am going to pass the leg bit of the sling through the centre of the slide sheets where the lumbar curve is, and you are just going to get that off me. Did you get that? Okay. And then I want you to pull it downwards, just very gently pull it downwards. Alright, stop, stop, stop a second. And then we want to get this bit here, which is the top bit. Again, we want to put that gently through the neck, the cervical curve. And then, just very gently, pull it through. And as you are pulling that through, I am holding onto the top slide sheet. Alright. Okay. Just stop Heidi from... You might want to bring that one down a little bit more Keith.

That is it. Okay, so Heidi is now on the sling; it is all in position. We need to remove the top layer of the slide sheet. So, if I pass this through to you, Keith... You have got that? Okay. And just pull that through. So as you are doing that, I am just holding on to the sling to make sure that you do not move off it. You just keep pulling it, pulling, pulling. That is lovely. And then what we would do is we just put the sling into position for Heidi and ready to hoist her. There we go. There we go. And here we do the same. Alright. When we have hosted Heidi back on to the bed, this type of sling, Heidi can not stay on it. It has to be removed. It could cause skin damage. There is various ways to remove slings and it does depend on what equipment you have anyway.

If this was a profiling bed, a bed that can sit up, then I would probably use the profile on the bed to remove the sling. Alternatively, we could roll Heidi over onto her side and ravel this up a little bit, bring her back over, and you would pull out through. So it is just another way of doing it. Or, if you would like to come over Keith, let us have a little go to see if this works. We are going to get hold of the slide sheet and... Sorry, the sling, and we are going to turn it this way, and we are just going to very gently pull that through. As long as the person has not got any back injuries or drains or anything like that, then that would be fine.

We want to make people as independent as we can by using the equipment that we have, but let them use it as well, rather than us doing it all for them. So Heidi, what I am going to get you to do, you have got one good leg and one bad leg, so I am just going to take the slide sheet away from your good leg. Okay. And what I would like you to do is, I want you to bend your good leg. Okay, and the not so good leg is underneath the slide sheet. I want you to put arms either side of the slide sheets, and what I would like you to do on, ready, steady, up, I want you to take yourself up the bed, and I am just going to very gently anchor Heidi's foot to the bed. Okay. So when you are ready; ready, steady, up.