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Occasionally we may need to assist somebody to move from one chair to another but we want to promote independence as much as possible. This video demonstrates a Chair to Chair transfer. The chair used in this video is for ease of training only. Use only correct and approved chairs at your workplace. If in doubt, ask your manager. 

So we want to make Keith as independent as possible and we are going to use both chairs safely. We would have assessed Keith to make sure that he has got that strength to be able to do this manoeuvre and we know that Keith has. So, Keith, we are just going to bring the chair in. Now, before I do, I would like you to just shuffle forward first, please. Okay, that is lovely. And we are just going to bring this chair in, so it is sort of at a bit of an angle and what I would like you to do, Keith, I want you to put one hand, this hand on there and then I want you to swivel yourself across when you are ready. That is beautiful. Okay, he had to have quite a bit of upper body strength to be able to do that, to make sure that it is safe to do.