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There are many reasons why we want people to do things for themselves, to promote their independence. And really, after we have done the ability test, we know that Keith can stand, and we want for him to do it himself. But let us just say Keith has forgotten how to do it, and we want him to follow what we call normal body movement, just him to stand up in a normal way. I am going to instruct you, Keith, to get out of the chair, alright? What I would like you to do, first of all, Keith, I want you to shuffle yourself forward in the chair. Shuffle shuffle. That is beautiful. And then it is quite important that where we need to have a stable base, yes, we also need to make sure that the person who needs our help has a stable base. So you have got your feet just one leg slightly forward, where the weak leg always goes to the front and the strong leg if they have got a variant, it would go to the back.
Alright, so Keith, what I would like you to do, I want you to put two arms on the chair, one arm each side, and then I want you to face the way you are going, look at something on the wall perhaps, and then I want you to... One of the things you can say is, "Put your nose over your toes and stand up for me, please, when you are ready." Beautiful. Did you see what Keith has done? He went up like a beautiful aeroplane taking off. Now, we want Keith to sit down. Now, it is really important that Keith feels the back of the chair with his legs. What I would like you to do, Keith, is I want you to step back and feel the chair on your legs. Reach for the arms of the chair, as if the bend in the middle first, bend in the middle. Okay, reach for the arms of the chair and then you can sit down when you are ready. Beautiful. And that is how we would get somebody to sit down independently, without me touching him.