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We use slide sheets to reposition people either on the floor, the bed, the chair. They are a fantastic tool to use rather than drag people on the surface. There is a few things we need to remember about slide sheets before I go into any detail. First of all, we have to remember that they are only patient-specific. If you use them for one particular person, that is their slide sheet. You do not share slide sheets, and the reason for that is because of infection control. Another thing is some of them are quite big. We have to remember not for them to drop on the floor because, again, that is an infection control issue as well. Like I said, there is hundreds of slide sheets on the market. With the disposable slide sheets, if they become soiled, ripped, they become unusable, and then you would put them into the bin.

I have got a few slide sheets here. We have here what we call a roller sheet. They are like a piece of material that is attached to each other. Slide sheets normally work with two surfaces on top of each other, so that they can slide the patient. So that is the roller sheet, that is sort of a medium-size sheet. Then we have got quite a small one here. Again, sometimes I use this for the feet. Again, it is a roller sheet. And then we have what we call a flat sheet. And flat sheets are just one piece of material where you either use them two together and you put them two together to make the slippery surfaces. Or you can half them, so you have got two slippery surfaces then. If you are moving somebody in the bed, you have to make sure that the slide sheet goes underneath... The person is on top of from the feet to the head. Otherwise, it could cause shearing problems and tissue problems, so the whole of their body has got to be covered in the slide sheet. If you only got a small slide sheet or a medium-size, then you might have to use two or three slide sheets to cover the person's body.