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This is an alternative method to insert the slide sheet. You may have come across people who are very large, but like we call bariatric people who maybe you have already rolled the person three or four times to wash and dress and then you need to hoist the person and insert the sling or move them or reposition. So this is a way of putting the slide sheet in without having to roll the person. We also use this a lot with people who are in a lot of pain. Again, you might have already moved the person and touched them and it is horrendous for them. So you can insert the slide sheet to reposition without really having to touch them. It is much kinder.

Okay, so what we are going to Keith, I am going to just put that over there. Is it okay Heidi if I put this on top of you? Get permission. And what we are going to do is we are probably going to do it probably like a palm width, a palm length if folding. Now I am doing this I am teaching this and it might seem a little bit long-winded for those who have never seen this before, but with practice, it can be done quite efficiently. Okay, so we are just really folding it all the way down and when you get to the last fold, this is really important. You bring that last fold and you bring it on top. And then I am just going to put that way and we need the two open bits facing the person's head. And we are going to take this up Keith, we want to take it right up and we are going to put it underneath the pillow. And then we are going to let what we call shimmy it into place. So if you like to just shimmy that is it. Just gently, okay. So make sure that we have both got equal sort of sections as well, enough to grab.

Okay, Heidi, if I can just get you to sort of, give me a bit more space. That is it. So we are going to make sure that we are in our stable base and we are going to have our palm like this, flat on the bed and we go right underneath the slide sheet. We have kept the pillow in situ. It is much kinder for the person in the bed. Or you could remove it. It does depend. So we are going to get hold of the whole of the slide sheet but we are going to leave the top bit, the two open bits there and then what we are going to do, Keith, we are going to go ready, steady and unravel, yes.

Ready, steady, unravel. Then we go back underneath, get a hold of the whole sheet again ready, steady, pull. Okay. Ready, steady, pull. Ready, steady, pull. Ready, steady, pull. Ready, steady, pull. Okay, and we get that right under her heels.