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The turntable that Keith's got his feet on can be worked in conjunction with a transfer board, especially for people who tend to drag their feet and who have not got any lower body strength. So what I would like you to do, Keith, I want you to do exactly the same again. I want you to bring yourself across using the transfer board, and I might even come behind you.

We will remove the transfer board. Okay, we have here a rotating transfer standard. There is many on the market, and they all basically do the same thing. It is going to assist Keith to get off the chair, and then we are going to rotate him round to get him into the chair opposite. The person, again, has to have upper body strength and also a little bit of lower body strength because they are going to have to pull themselves up on this handle. Okay, so Keith are you ready for this?

Alright, so we are going to bring in the stand to get it close to Keith and his legs have to be up against the cushion. This device has got a stabilizer. So we are going to put stabilizer on. And we would like Keith to get hold of here and get a good grip. Alright, and when you are ready, Keith, I would like you to stand up using the strength on these bars. That is lovely. So you are ready?

Now what I am going to do is I am going to turn you. But before I do, I am just gonna bring the stabiliser off, and then we are going to bring you round. Okay, I just need to bring in the chair, so it is a bit nearer to you. I want you to feel the chair behind you. There we go. Put the stabilizer on, and when you are ready, you can sit down. So once Keith is sitting down and is nice and secure, we need to remove the device completely. So I need to bring in the stabilizer, bring it out of the way. And then if you just lift your feet a little bit, Keith, and I will move it away from you. Some people might be tempted to perhaps use this for longer journeys. It is only recommended that you use it from one chair right next to another chair, or a bed, or whatever it is you are transferring on. You would never ever use it to transfer a person in a long distance. It is totally not safe.