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Using the Rotunda Stand Aid: A Comprehensive Guide

This guide provides a detailed walk-through on how to utilise the Rotunda Stand Aid, a device that aids individuals who may need help standing or transferring.

Understanding the Rotunda Stand Aid

The Rotunda Stand Aid, aptly named due to its rotating function, is customised for each individual user. The design includes adjustable height leg rests, ensuring the top of the rest sits just below the user's knee cap. This provides stability when the user stands, allowing their legs to go into the cushioned anchor.

Setting the Correct Height

Getting the right height is critical. The bar should be at a level where the person can reach out and hold onto it comfortably. This helps facilitate the user's ability to pull themselves up, with the aid providing an anchor point for stability.

Assessing the User's Ability

Before using the Rotunda, it's important to assess the user's physical capabilities. Check their ability to lift their knees, move their legs, and their arm strength, as these are all crucial in using the Rotunda effectively.

Positioning the User

Ensure the user is towards the front of their seat before starting. Ask them to shuffle towards the edge of the chair in preparation for using the Rotunda Stand Aid.

Using the Rotunda Stand Aid

Once the user is correctly positioned, bring the Rotunda in. Ask the user to lift their feet and place them on the grey surfaces on the base of the Rotunda. The user should then place their hands on the bar, ready to stand.

Standing with the Rotunda

On the command of "Ready, steady, stand," the user will stand, using the bar for support. The person assisting should act as an anchor, maintaining position but not exerting any strength.

Rotating the Rotunda

Once the user is standing, the Rotunda can be rotated slowly and with confidence to the desired position. The user can then sit back down at their own pace once the wheelchair or seat is safely positioned.

Final Steps

After the user is seated again, remove the Rotunda and make any necessary adjustments to the wheelchair or seat. The user can then be transported to their desired destination.

Note: Always adhere to proper health and safety guidelines when using equipment like the Rotunda Stand Aid.