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If you have got a person who perhaps has had a stroke and then they have a weakness on one side and their leg drags, we might want to use another piece of equipment, so we can use is a turntable. I will just lift it up. And it swivels, yeah? So what I am going to do Keith, I am going to put this underneath your feet, alright? So if you would like to just, yeah, and put that there. And so we are gonna do exactly the same again, but this time you do not really have to use your legs, because your feet are on this swivel, alright? So before we do, we need to get you forward in the chair. That is beautiful. And is this chair in the right position for you?

So you want to put this hand on there, and when you are ready, transfer yourself. Beautiful. There is another product on the market, which is a turntable which you sit on. So you could use it, say, for somebody who struggles to get their hips turned to get out of the car. So the person would sit on it, and it rotates to easily access and to get out of the car.