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What we are going to do now is have a look at when an accident happens what sort of things should you do. Now, to start with, stop, think and act. Do not just go rushing into a situation. So for example, if someone has been carrying an item and they have fallen over and maybe they have hurt themselves, do not just go rushing straight in, because there may be chemicals, there may be risks, there may be hazards that could hurt you. So, as soon as you are approaching a scene, check that the scene is safe. As you approach the person, if you are a first aider, then great, help the person but also then get other first aiders in the workplace or bystanders to come and help you.

When you are dealing with someone if there is blood involved or any other bodily fluids make sure you wear barriers, get some gloves. You can get hold of these from your workplace first aid kit or from your car or any other source. Activate the emergency medical service if you need to. Make an assessment straight away. If you are worried or there is some serious injury happened, then call the emergency medical services. You can call them from your mobile, from your work phone, but if you are phoning from your work phone, you may need to dial an extra 9 to get an outside line.

Now, the sort of problems you could come up with could be things like a breathing problem. This is probably one of the more serious ones, particularly if they are not breathing. So if this is the case, we may need to go into CPR but we also, when activating emergency services, need to make sure that they know this person is not breathing. Now, back to the example with someone carrying a box and falling over, there is two types of injury could happen. They could just simply hurt their spine or they could have what is defined as a spinal injury within first aid. If somebody is a spinal injury we would leave
them where they are, we would not move them and we protect them from harm because if we did move them, this could cause them more problems. If they have just what may be crudely called hurts their back or they have done some injury, this can be extremely painful but it is not an actual break to the back. This is mainly things like muscles, tendons, and ligaments that have been damaged within their upper body.

Other things look out for will be bleeding, maybe they have fallen over and then they have hurt themselves and bleed. So get a first aid kit and treat the bleed, or if you are not directly a first aider yourself, go and get help and get someone else to come in and deal with the problem. But the whole time, you want to keep them safe, you want to keep talking to them and communicate with them even if they are unconscious. Good manners and help someone will reassure them. If they are focusing on answering your questions, they may be less focus on the pain and any discomfort they are in. If an accident happens in the workplace then you are going to need to record the accident, you may need to report it to RIDDOR, or organisations, or within your work organisation and you may need to also ensure that any first aid equipment that you have used has then been topped up.