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This is the SatinSheet System. It’s comprised of 2 layers, a base sheet, and then the actual top bed sheet. This allows for four-directional movement, so left, right, up and down. Using this, you can also move a service user with only one worker. When putting the SatinSheet System in place, always make sure that the labels on both sheets are face-up at the head-end of the bed. To make sure the sheets do not slip around when a service user is in bed, tuck the sides underneath the bed, locking it in place, and untuck it when you want to move them.

​Grabbing the top sheet only, at the hip and the shoulder, you can pull the service user towards you. After putting a slide sheet on the hand, you can gently put your hand under the service users’ head, and the move the pillow to where they want it to be. Bring the arm they are rolling onto next to their head, and the other on the opposite shoulder. Then cross their legs, or raise their knees by lifting the top slide sheet underneath their knees. Then take hold of the top sheet again at the hips and shoulders, and turn the service user onto their side. Then position the wedge against their back underneath the sheet so they are comfortable. Remember to tuck the sheet back into the bed to stop the sheet from moving.