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We are going to insert the slide sheet underneath Heidi. We are going to use two flat sheets. These flat sheets have got handles and the handles always go to the outside. Okay, Keith, so what I would like you to do is I want you to pull it tight, and then we are going to roll it halfway. And the secret to this is you just keep it quite taut and when you are ready and we are going to do this little dance and we zig zag it up like that. And then we can just place that under the pillow for when we have rolled Heidi over. So, should we roll her? Are you ready for this? So we start off at the top, would you like to face that way? Move that arm out the way. We bring the arm up. We are going to bend your knees, so, ready, steady, bend. Alright, when you are ready Keith. Ready, steady, over. And then we've got the slide sheet in situ and we just pull that down the whole of Heidi's body and put it right up against the spine.

So we want to roll Heidi back. So Heidi, you just want to come back over to me and you might just feel a little lump there with the slide sheet being folded, okay? So Keith, would you like to unravel the sheet out as much as you can. Heidi, if I just bring you this way. I might have to just bring you a little bit this way so Keith can get the slide sheet out. Can you do that Keith? Is that working for you?

That is lovely. Okay. The slide sheet, unfortunately, is not quite underneath Heidi's feet and we have to make sure that the whole of the body is covered with the slide sheet, so we are going to just use a small slide sheet. This is just a small roller and we are going to put this underneath Heidi's feet. And again, we insert it by just finding the natural gaps of the body. So if I just put that through the Achilles here and then, Keith, would you like to do your side? And then, it is underneath her feet and then just pull it under her heel a little bit. Try not to lift legs. There we go. So we did it all without lifting her leg. So we are going to take you up the bed Heidi because you have shuffled down a little bit. So how we are going to do this, Keith and I, we are going to get hold of the top layer and it is always the top layer of the slide sheet, where the shoulder is and where the hip is. And we want to make sure that our feet and legs are in the right position, so we are going to widen our base of support and we are literally going to go from our front leg to our back leg.

We have to be really careful because these are really slippery. There has been cases where people have banged their head on the headboard, so we are going to be very gentle and take you up. If there is a long way to go, you would probably do it in two sections or three sections, not one big 'whoosht' up the bed. When we have slide sheets with handles, sometimes we might be tempted to lift and then pull, where the idea is that they are slide sheets and we keep our hands on the bed. So when we are doing the pull, when we are doing the slide, the hands remain on the bed, we do not lift. Okay, so would you like me to be in charge Keith? Okay, so we are going to go, ready, steady, slide. Ready, steady, slide. Beautiful.

Occasionally, we may have to bring a person across the bed or reposition them a bit nearer to the edge of the bed, and we can use slide sheets to do this. So, Keith, I would like you to just put your hand on Heidi's hip and shoulder, and you are just going to give her a gentle push, and I am just going to give her a little pull with the top slide sheet. When you are ready. Ready, steady, pull. Okay. Obviously, Heidi cannot stay on the slide sheets, so they have to be removed. So we have got three slide sheets on the bed, we will first of all remove the blue one, which is a roller sheet, and basically how you remove a roller type sheet is you turn it inside out.

So you just get hold of a little bit of the slide sheet and you just pull it in on itself and it comes out really easily. We want to remove the purple sheets now Keith, so you can help me with this. So what we are going to do is, what we try to do is find natural gaps in the body. So we have got the heels, we have got the knees, we have got the lumber curve, there is all different gaps where we can put slide sheets through. So what I am going to do, Keith, I am going to give you a present. Yes? I think I will use the knee, so I am going to turn the slide sheet underneath and I want you to come under and get it from me. You got it?

Okay. So just pull that out just a little bit. Alright, now you have gotta give me a present now. So you want to get the corner and turn it in on itself. You are going to use the ankle or the knee, whichever... Don't lift legs. Alright, got that? Okay. And I am just going to pull that through. And we have both ended up with a long bit and what we are going to do is, what happens is the slide sheet is turned in on itself and it does not cause any distress or nothing uncomfortable to the person in the bed. So what we are going to do, we are going to pull it out like this. So what we do not want is big, big movements, it is just little movements where we are just keeping the slide sheet close to us and just very gently bring that out.