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As we have done so far, we have not really got in there and really assisted Keith. Not really. I have just put my hand on his back. But this time, we are going to really assist you to stand, but you can stand, okay? You have that lower body strength to be able to do that. I think like nurses and carers, we think, we feel that we have got a license to touch, and we are too quick to put our hands on people when really we should just stand back and communicate and instruct a person to stand up. Okay, so this time I am going to help you, is that okay?
Yeah. Okay, what I would like you to do Keith, I want you to shuffle forward in the chair for me, please. Lovely. And put your feet in the right position. And then we have done the theory, where we need to have the load close or the person close to us, so I am getting quite close to Keith. I am making sure that my feet are in a stable base, and I am going drop my knees, bend my knees, keeping my spine in line. I am going put one hand down Keith's back, and the other hand I am going put below his shoulder. Be careful not to put a hand on the shoulder because we do not want him to pull on that shoulder there; it has got to be alongside. Keith, what I would like you to do, I want you to put your hands on both sides of the chair. And when we are ready, we will do a bit of rocking. We do not have to, but ready, steady and stand. Personally, I like to rock because if a person has been sitting there for a couple of hours, everything has gone to sleep. And when we do the rocking, it gives that bit of momentum to get out of the chair. Alright, so are you okay with that?
Okay, so Keith, we are going go ready, steady, and then stand. Okay? Ready, steady, stand. Okay? And at the end of this manoeuvre, my feet are apart, I have got Keith close by. If anything was to happen, I feel I have got Keith supported and I am in a position to assist if needed, thank you. Now we need to get you to sit down, Keith, alright? What I would like you to do is I want you to feel the back of the chair with your legs, yes? And then what I would like you to do is I want you to reach for the arms of the chair by bending in the middle, yes? Okay. When you are ready, and then I am just going to guide him down. Okay? At this point in time, I pivoted from front leg to back leg where I was not twisting my back.