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I want you to... Get you forward in the chair because you seem to be struggling to be able to do that yourself. And once you are forward in the chair, you will be able to stand up much easier. Now, there is a couple of ways to do this. One way is I am going to use the palms of my hands and put them on Keith's own hip and another way is I am going to use a piece of equipment. So first of all, I am going to use my hands first. So I am going to come down in front of Keith. I am keeping my spine in line. Okay, Keith, so what I would like you to do, I want you to lean into the chair for me. Prop both arms around... Lean into the chair and then what I am going to do is I am just going to get hold of Keith's hip and shuffle him forward. And then we are going to do the same this side. Okay, so lean into the chair, get that hip off the chair and then you are forward. Keith's now ready to stand.

This is a handling sling. It is a piece of equipment that we use for lots of different reasons. One of the ways we use it is to bring a person forward in the chair. The reasons why we use it is to... Because maybe the person is very tall and you have only got perhaps short arms and you can not reach the hip. Or another reason may be... I have heard some male support workers say, "Oh, I do not feel very comfortable putting my hand on a female client, so I would much prefer to use a sling instead." So we use it in pretty much the same way. I am going to put this down your back to your hip and then we are going to shuffle you forward. So Keith, just lean forward for me so this just goes down your hip. So we are going to do the same again, Keith, but this time I am using the belt, all right? So what I would like you to do, Keith, I want you to lean into the chair, get that hip off and then we are going to bring you forward. Use with caution because this takes absolutely no effort whatsoever. And now you are forward, you are ready to stand.