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Sometimes people lack a bit of confidence. They have the ability, the physical ability to get up, but they lack that confidence. And sometimes they just want somebody there just in case. So that is my job today with you, Keith is just in case. So Keith, what I would like you to do, I want you to shuffle forward in the chair for me, please. That is beautiful. And if you want to put your strong leg at the back, put one leg slightly forward, yes. Two arms on the chair, either side. And then when you are ready, I want you to stand up. Beautiful. And all I did was just put one hand on... A hand on Keith's back, just so he thought I was doing something for him, but actually, he was doing it all himself. Thank you, Keith.
And if we want to sit down, it is the same process. Keith, feel back of the chair behind you, bend in the middle, and reach for the arms of the chair at the same time, and then down you go. And again, it is just literally putting your arm down Keith's back, just to direct him into the chair.