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Keith has had a little fall. Before we do anything, we need to check him over. So we will just do a full body assessment, and we will be asking Keith, are you okay? Are you injured? And if in doubt, if you suspect any type of injury, you call an ambulance. Because if you were to lift, help somebody up, who perhaps has got a broken, a fractured limb, then we could make matters a lot worse. But Keith says he is fine, so we need to get him off the floor.
So Keith, what I would like you to do, I want you to get on to your knees. Now, if you need to use this chair to help yourself get up, then that would be really good, alright? So if you get on to your knees... That is it. Okay, and when you are ready, get you to stand yourself up. Okay, and then just turn yourself around. And when you are ready, reach for the arms of the chair, and down you go.
As an alternative, we could use two chairs to assist Keith to get off the floor. So what I would like you to do, Keith, I want you to get on to your knees again, and you can use this chair to pull yourself up, alright? So if you would like to do that. Okay. And as you do that, I am just going to come behind you with another chair, and I am going to put this behind you. So when you are ready, Keith, I want you to stand up and the chair is just behind you that you can sit on. Beautiful. Okay, if the person is very frail and they are not injured, you can use a hoist. If you have got a hoist on the premises, you can use a hoist. But use with caution because if you hoist somebody who is perhaps got a broken femur, or a broken neck or femur or hip, then we could be causing huge damage to them.
So we can hoist them off the floor. Make sure that the hoist can hoist from the floor before you start. Or equally, there is lots of equipment out there on the market, and one such is an inflatable cushion. And how that works is, you put it under the patient, the patient slides on to it, and this cushion inflates up. It is just another way of getting a person off the floor.